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Category : UX Design, Web Design

Client : Col Art

Date : Aug 2017

About Col Art

Col Art are an international company who own many high street art product brands some of which include Windsor & Newton, Reeves, Liquitex and Lefranc Bourgeois.

The project

As Col Art have expanded they have acquired many art product brands from multiple sources. Some brands had websites and some didn’t. Some brands had websites that were outdated and in need of modernisation. The decision was made to refresh and update all websites and move them all onto the WordPress platform.

One part of this project was to introduce ecommerce functionality to all sites which was to be based on the Woo Commerce plugin.

The brief for this project was to create ecommerce concept designs for several of the Col Art websites. These sites included:

  • Charbonnel
  • Cont√© √† Paris
  • Crown
  • Liquitex
  • Reeves
  • Snazaroo

Some sites such as Reeves and Snazaroo already had established brand guidelines which offered a great head-start, but others required more thought and design.

For each site there was a home page, category page and product page created.

Thees concepts designs were never intended to go into production, but were used as visuals to form the basis of discussion and feasibility studies in order to develop the designs further.


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