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Category: Front-End development

Client: Coreware

Date: September 2012

SkyGo Datacenter

SkyGo is the web-based media delivery service run by Sky (BSkyB). The datacenter was a graphic-rich interface to display a wide range of sports data, statistics, results, fixtures. live reporting and information provided by sports data specialists, Opta Sportsdata. The datacenter was cutting edge, making use of the very latest Ajax and Jquery technologies to integrate live data feeds to interactive and animated graphics

The project

In this project, the client Sky had partnered with Opta Sportsdata to create the datacenter. Opta had recruited web development specialists Coreware to create the web pages that would be integrated into the SkyGo sports datacenter website. Our role in this was to convert designs, supplied in PSD files into working HTML templates using CSS, HTML and Jquery which would then be passed over to Coreware’s development team to add the back-end coding that integrated the data feeds into the page which made everything work.

While focusing primarily on football, the sports datacenter also provided information on golf, tennis and motor sport. The first phase was to be released to the German market, so the football section focused on the German Bundesliga as well as national teams.

There was a large quantity of information, generating many, many pages resulting in a project that ran into months of work.

Although there was a great deal of work, it was made easier by the project being built from scratch which enabled us to create an entire style sheet of our own styles, rather than try to integrate into existing Sky styles. The style sheets were generated using Less which also simplified and sped up the process of generating additional pages.

One of the most challenging parts of the project where the animated information graphics. The work was done before css animations were widely available so were created using javascript and png files. Animations showed live stats during football games for the game, for each team and for individual players, updated live using Ajax.

After the success of the website, Sky decided to convert the datacenter into a native IOS ipad app. This generated several more months of work as every page had to be adapted, but we were able to make us of existing styles and graphic elements which helped speed things up.



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