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Client : RBI

Date : Sept 2015

About RBI

RBI Reed Business International are an international publishing company who own and run a wide range of magazines and websites focusing on industry. One such industry is farming which is covered by the Farmers Weekly magazine.

Farmers academy

Constantly looking for new and innovative ideas, the team at FWI set out on a new project to introduce an e-learning platform for agriculture. The Farmers Academy as it was to be known was a stand-alone website, closely integrated into the main parent site. It was built using WordPress and an e-learning plugin, with content coming from a variety of sources.

The courses were of a high enough standard to award certification and add towards CPD with help and advice from experts in the various fields.

The project

This project required providing UX design for the Academy site and to design and provide PSD files for the development team at FWI.

FWI have strict brand guidelines which had to be adhered to and the designs went through many iterations before being agreed.

Icons, styling, colours and fonts were adopted from the existing Farmers Weekly website, but new icons, buttons and graphic elements had to be created for the Academy site that complimented existing elements.

Every page had to be carefully designed including the home page, course categories, modules, course pages, user account and progress pages, ensuring all the time that the brand guidelines were adhered to and all icons and graphic elements complimented the existing set.

All pages went through a process of wireframe then mock-up until eventually a set of pixel perfect PSD (Photoshop) files were created to pass over to the FWI development team.

The Farmers Academy was eventually launched in January 2016.



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